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Marine Corps Marathon - October 26, 2014

       Another Marine Corps Marathon in the books.  Thanks again to everyone.  Everything went great except for the last part of the run, but my mistakes keep getting less and less.  I think I'll have it figured out by next year since I'm running out of mistakes to make.
       Thanks again.

       The 2015 plan, I think:  http://www.halhigdon.com/training/51138/Marathon-Novice-2-Training-Program

       2014 Fundraiser.  Thank you:


       2014 Contributors:

       Zlock & Coverdale Family Law
       www.bucksdivorcelawyers.com/charities - for a very rare level of community service
       (866) 491-2379
       1705 Langhorne-Yardley Rd., Suite 1     and     123 N. Broad St., First Floor/Suite A
       Langhorne, PA 19047                                         Doylestown, PA 18901

       Firehouse Cycles
       15 S. Main St.
       Yardley, PA 19067
       (215) 321-7171

       A.S. Doctorow - US Navy/USS Intrepid

       Anonymous - thank you for kicking it off 

       Pegg Macko

       Bill Michalski/American Medical Products

       Panther Medical

       Fred Mady

       Toxicology Management Services

       Colonial VW Subaru - www.colonialvwsubaru.com
       200 West Street Road
       Feasterville, PA 
       (888) 744-3073

       Bucks County Speedsters

       Steve Price

       Leah Sexton

       Jim Larson & Family

       Rob Ciervo & Family

       Steve and Janice Iaquinto & Family

       Strength Training

       push ups                            kettlebell swings            single-leg hip extension                  
       pull ups                               jack knife (stab ball)     plank rowing                         
       abs                                     stability ball pass          windshield wipers
       kettlebell squat to press     leg extensions               exercise band sideways walk                       
       knee thrust - res. band       side-plank                     back extensions                                                                 

       To Help With the Late Miles (hopefully):

       http://generationucan.com/blog/how-to-make-a-ucan-gel/ and 

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