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Marine Corps Marathon - October 26, 2014

       2014 Fundraiser.  Thank you:


       2014 Contributors:

       Anonymous - thank you for kicking it off 

       Pegg Macko

       Bill Michalski/American Medical Products

       Panther Medical

       Fred Mady

       Toxicology Management Services

       Looking forward to running with Team Travis & Brendan in the 2014 Marine Corps Marathon


       Some Strength Training Ideas:

                       push ups               *resistance band                                                         kettlebell straight-leg deadlift
                       pull ups                   jack knife                                                                   lift hips (with knee up and other leg locked)
                       abs                         lunge position - dip down and drive front knee up     kettlebell diagonal snatch
                       plyometrics             plank rowing                                                              kettlebell swings
                    * resistance band in all directions - side, back, knee up, straight leg

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