- Percutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation
               - optimized therapeutic current to effectively block the pain signal
               - long residual drug-free pain relief
               - 30-minute in-office treatments
               - no-charge pre-authorization and unlimited billing support

               - covered by Medicare, most private insurances, Workers' Comp and PIP

               - new revenue models and patient selection/billing guides for 2018
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     Some payors will require TENS treatment prior to BiowavePENS.  

     Patients, if you like, may order on their own from the "Ordering TENS" page.

Clinical Trials - Compliant and Financially Sound Research

                        - incorporate clinical trials into your practice

                        - access to over 100 new trials per month

                        - outstanding support, business development and revenue

                        - your practice pays for nothing

                        - patients gain access to new treatments and are compansated

                        - increase patient flow and reduce dependence on typical reimbursements

                        - both Post Market and Phase Trial studies are available

Lantz Medical 

                        - Static-Progressive Stretch to Restore Full Range-of-Motion
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                        - The Vector 1 Hand CPM
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