WellBrain  www.wellbrain.io

- Psychological Assessments for Non-Mental Health Professionals

- Helps to assess and manage (including pre-SCS clearance).

- Includes 60+ pathways of home-based therapeutic modalities.

- First 2 months are free to acclimate to implementation and billing.

- Click Here for Test, Panel and Modality Summary

- Click Here for WellBrain Guide

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TENS  www.ireliev.com

- Exceptional design, quality and selection.

- Long-lasting premium very high quality electrode pads.

- Safe, non-invasive and drug-free pain relief; in many cases.

- TENS for Pain Relief/EMS for Muscle Conditioning

- Click Here for "How TENS Works"

- TENS is often part of the first step of conservative treatment.

- The Stim Market has transitioned from Rx to OTC.

- Click Here to View Conductive Back Wrap Accessory

- Please inquire to learn more and for wholesale pricing.

- Or a great new patient resource is at www.eorthoTENS.com

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Hemp-Based CBD Therapeutics   panacealife.com

- Sublingual Tablets, Softgels and Topical Pain Cream

- Natural relief from chronic pain and inflammation.

- Reduce anxiety, improve sleep and boost energy levels.

- In-office dispensing or www.eorthoTENS.com 

- American made and the purest CBD extract on the market.

- 10 times more potent than ibuprofen.

- 1.5 times more pain relief than gabapentin.

- Safe, Effective and Non-Addictive

​Stopain Clinical  www.stopainclinical.com

- Advanced Formula Pain Relief Gel

- 10% menthol plus superior penetration enhancers & conditioners.

- Immediate, penetrating and long-lasting.

- Non-irritating, sweat resistant and non-greasy.

- Outstanding results from the Migraine & Headache formula.

- Available only through clinicians - no retail.

- Wholesale pricing upon request.

- Extremely economical.

Textured Insoles, Mats and Material   nabosotechnology.com

- Sensory Input Shapes Our Motor System
- Sensory is critical to creating optimal movement patterns.
- Restore function and improve movement through stimulation of the nervous system.
- Sensory stimulation increases proprioceptive input and muscle activation.
- Improve stability, mobility and awareness.

- Activates foot to better communicate with the nervous system.

- Athletic Performance, Postural Control, Balance, Recovery, Injury Prevention, Pain Control and Reduce Fatigue

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- This is Very Unique and New and You Must See It

- You dispense or available at www.eorthoTENS.com

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