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Hemp-Based CBD Therapeutics   panacealife.com

- Sublingual Tablets, Softgels and Topical Pain Cream

- superior natural relief from chronic pain and inflammation

- reduce anxiety, improve sleep and boost energy levels

- in-office dispensing or direct to www.eortho.com/cbd.html

- CBD or CBD + 0.3% THC

- safe, effective and non-addictive

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Biowave   www.biowave.com

- Percutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation
- optimized therapeutic current to effectively block the pain signal
- long residual drug-free pain relief
- 30-minute in-office treatments
- unlimited pre-authorization and billing support

- available Home Unit with non-invasive electrodes
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What We Do

Back and OA Knee Bracing

- very thoughtfully selected options of exceptional quality and value

- the OA Knee comes in just a left and a right

- always worn on the lateral side and adjusted for medial or lateral

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